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ErgoBot with ErgoBoard Robotics

The ErgoBot and Arduino compatible ErgoBoard form a powerful but easy to use platform that works wirelessly with phones, tablets or computers.

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The ErgoBot Robotics system includes the ErgoBot, the Arduino-compatible ErgoBoard, an IR distance sensor, a 5-position IR skirt sensor for line following, and more.

  • Everything works right out of the box – nothing to solder or assemble.
  • Designed for the classroom – use the same ErgoBot every period, all day.
  • Projects 1-8 require no installed software. Students write easy code that gets the ErgoBot moving in less than 20 minutes.
  • All three sensors are included and need only a few jumpers to connect.
  • Build up to C-level programming language using logic and sensors.
  • The teacher’s guide includes 23 projects with lessons, slides, and a wealth of instructional material.
  • The Arduino-compatible ErgoBoard is available separately to upgrade your existing ErgoBot.