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Chemistry Laboratory – Initial Licence – Per Seat

We welcome you to the evolving and innovative world of science education! And now it is on your PC!

With our newest PC version, you will be able to test 8 specific laboratories such as mechanical, electrical, optics-sound field, thermodynamics, biology, chemistry, nuclear physics and modern physics, even without a VR goggle.

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VRLab Academy is an opportunity to lessen the lab costs, keep your students attracted and widen their point of view about science education while you have a controllable lab environment and professional approach to students.

Have a total science lab experience without additional costs such as repair and extra space.
Experience a physically safe lab environment for all of the experiments.
Check the final data of students by e-mail reporting.

Experiments include:
Separating Mixtures
Determination of the Melting Points
Atomic Mass Experiment
Chemical Equilibrium Experiment
Organic Chemistry Experiment
Avogadro?s Law Experiment
Redox Experiment
Viscosity Experiment
Equilibrium Constant Experiment
Paper Chromatography Experiment
Van De Graaff Generator Experiment
Producing Natural Dye
Electrical Conduction in Ionic Solutions
Hoffman Electrolysis Experiment
Ionic and Covalent Bonds Experiment
Law of Mass Conservation
Law of Definite Proportions
Periodic Table VR
Enthalpy Experiment
Acid-Base Titration Experiment
Ideal Gas Laws Experiment