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Boyles Law Digital apparatus

The Digital Boyle’s Law Apparatus provides a self contained, reliable and simple way of demonstrating Boyle’s Law. The volume may be reduced or increased by means of a 2.5ml syringe connected to a digital pressure sensor.

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The sensor output is calibrated to display the pressure in kPa on the easy to read LCD display. There is a measurable change in pressure for every 0.1ml change in volume allowing many data points to be taken and a graph plotted to confirm Boyle’s Law.
For demonstration purposes two 4mm sockets are provided to allow the pressure reading to be displayed on a large demonstration voltmeter meter (not supplied) and a length of tubing is provided to allow a larger syringe to be used if necessary.
Supplied with full instructions and one 9V PP3 battery.


Product code: LA30-217