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Art Forgery Kit

Students compare real paintings from forgeries.

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  • Grades 6-12
  • Use scientific observation and reasoning
Kemtec Art in Chemistry; Chemistry in Art has 4 units which can be used individually. Instead of purchasing the full student kit for all units, now you can infuse these activities into your curriculum using these unit kits. Each kit includes materials and expendable chemicals for 6 lab groups, a group having up to 4 students.
New kits include:

Detection of an Art Forgery-Use chemical and ultraviolet lamp tests to determine which paintings are forgeries. Includes 5 pairs of paintings.

Making Paints: The Electromagentic Spectrum-Explore the visible spectrum and the uses of pigments.
Electrochemistry and Jewelry Making-Using jewelry, explore metallic properties and how to electroplate materials.
Photography/Redox, Solubility, Equilibrium-Build a simple camera and explore the chemical processes in developing and printing a photo.
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