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Ammeter, digital, 2 A, DC

A student-friendly digital DC ammeter with a 3½ digit LCD display.

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Connects with one red and one black safety bushing (red is plus).

The instrument is powered by a 9 V E-block battery (item no. 351010), which is located in a battery compartment (ie the battery can be changed without opening the instrument itself). The battery is included.

The instrument withstands short-term overload (up to 15 A for 5 seconds).

  • The instrument has one measurement range:

0 to 1.999 A with a resolution of 0.001 A.
Accuracy (at 23°C ± 5°C): ± 2% (± 1 digit).

  • Maximum voltage drop: 250 mV (at 2A).
  • Base plate: 120 x 90 mm.