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2.2 m PAScar Dynamics System (No Carts)

Upgrade to the dynamics system by adding to existing Dynamics Carts.

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For those who already have PASCO Dynamics Carts and wish to upgrade to a Dynamics System.

The PAScar 2.2 m Dynamics System (no carts) is the most economical way to equip your lab with tracks for Newton’s Laws, collisions, velocity, and acceleration experiments. With accessories, you can expand your system to do additional experiments, such as constant force with a fan cart, friction, and oscillations. All of PASCO’s Dynamics Systems are specifically designed to accommodate sensors for data acquisition.

The 1.2 m PAScar Dynamics System (no carts) features unmatched versatility and high quality components; combining durability with utility. The aluminum extrusion is rigid and light, yet straight. Each track includes a measuring tape for measuring displacements along the track’s length. Grooves along the side of the track allow key accessories, such as photogates, rod clamps, and angle indicators to be attached.