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Wireless Light and Colour Sensor

The Wireless Light and Color Sensor features an ambient and a directional RGB color light measurements.

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The Wireless Light Sensor features two separate apertures – one for ambient light measurements and one for directional light measurements. The ambient sensor measures illuminance and UV Index, while the spot (directional) aperture measures light level and color intensity. Our software displays the relative intensities of Red, Green, and Blue light, then sums them to determine the level of White light. The light available to drive photosynthesis (PAR) and total light power per area (irradiance) are also available as calculated measurements within PASCO Capstone (version 1.8 or later) and SPARKvue software (version 2.6 or later).

Wirelessly connects to computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones
Simply pair and go, no cables or adapters to manage
Onboard memory enables the sensor to function as an independent datalogger
Variable sampling rate for short, precise experiments or lengthy, multi-day data collection
Bluetooth connectivity and long-lasting coin cell battery
Indirect PAR measurements for biological studies

Studying solar energy
Monitoring UV light levels
Reflection, absorption, and transmission of light through clear, opaque, and variously colored translucent mediums.
Investigating polarization and reflectivity
Modeling planetary motion
Verifying the inverse square law
Investigating insolation (solar radiation) and seasons