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Van de Graaff generator

Generates very high DC voltages, but is safe to use due to low output current. The generator features a conducting sphere with a diameter of 220 mm. The sphere is fitted with a Ø 4 mm socket for connecting other equipment via a lead.

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The top of the sphere can be dismantled to reveal the design of the device.

Static electricity is produced by a rubber belt (item no. 370001) and 2 plastic rollers.

The bottom roller is powered by a drive belt (item no. 370002) from a stepless variable-speed 230 V motor or a hand crank.

There is an earthing socket on the motor housing for a ground connection or for connecting to a separate conducting sphere.

Sphere diameter: 220 mm. Capacitance relative to ground: approx. 12 pF Charging current: up to 6 μA Spark length: 80 – 100 mm. Overall height: 560 mm. Width and depth: 195 mm. Weight: 4 kg. Supplied with dust cover and manual.