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A simple, user-friendly instrument designed to measure strong magnetic fields, e.g. from AlNiCo magnets, coils or electromagnetic experiments.

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The instrument is also suitable for use with 516500 Beta spectrometer apparatus.

The teslameter consists of a probe with a Hall element and an instrument for digital read-out of the measured magnetic field.

The instrument is connected to the mains by the supplied power adapter.

It switches automatically between two measurement ranges.

Measurement ranges: 0.01 – 2T, resolution: 1 mT 1 – 200 mT, resolution: 0.1 mT Precision: 5%. Dimensions: Probe (without holder): 80 x 8 x 2 mm Instrument: 172 x 108 x 65 mm. Supplied with probe 406055 (can be purchased separately).