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Statics System

The Statics System includes a magnetic whiteboard and components designed to teach the fundamentals of statics.

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The Statics System is a versatile lab system designed for demonstrating the basic concepts of vector forces, torques, center of mass, simple machines, and more. When combined with the ME-9503 Statics Board (sold separately), the Statics System doubles in width, making it ideal for demonstrations.

The Comprehensive Manual includes detailed, copy-ready instructions for these 16 experiments:

1. Hooke’s Law – Measuring Forces

2. Adding Forces – Resultants and Equilibrants

3. Resolving Forces – Components

4. Torque – Parallel

5A. Center of Mass

5B. Equilibrium of Physical Bodies

6. Torque – Non-Parallel Forces

7. The Inclined Plane

8. Sliding Friction and Static Friction

9. Simple Harmonic Motion – Mass on a Spring

10. Simple Harmonic Motion – The Simple Pendulum

11A. Simple Harmonic Motion – Physical Pendulum

11B. Minimum Period for a Physical Pendulum

11C. Simple Harmonic Motion – Beam on a Spring

12. Simple Machines – The Lever

13. Simple Machine – The Inclined Plane

14. Simple Machines – The Pulley

15. Forces on a Boom

16. Modified Atwood’s Machine