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SpeedGate is a dual beam photocell with a built-in display. With two light rays it is possible to directly measure the velocity of an object passing the photocell. The display renders an external counter dispensable.

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In addition to the two light beams, external signals can be used to start and stop timing.

This makes it possible to measure for instance the time interval between the passage of two photocells.

The inputs can also be used completely without the light beams.

This way, SpeedGate can be used for universal timing, e.g. with two microphones.

Front Time: The time it takes the front edge of an object to pass from one light beam to the other

Dark Time: The time the object blocks one of the light beams
Speed: Measured as distance between light beams divided by Front Time
Period: Time between the current and the previous blocking of a light beam Pendulum Period: Like Period but drops every other passage
Interval Before: A signal from another SpeedGate starts the time interval, blocking a light beam stops it
Interval After: Blocking a light beam starts the time interval, a signal from another SpeedGate stops it