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Ripple Tank System

Demonstrate all manner of basic wave phenomena with this easy to use and complete system. Includes all necessary equipment.

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The redesigned Ripple Tank System is easier to use, more reliable, and more affordable. The strobe and rippler are controlled by the same unit, and a new feature makes it possible to introduce a small frequency difference between the strobe and the rippler to make the waves appear to move slowly. A simple switch changes the phase of the two ripplers from 0 to 180 degrees.

The rippler uses voice coil actuators for precise and silent operation. The frequency range (1.0 Hz to 50.0 Hz) includes those important low frequencies that make refraction more prominent. The LED digital frequency readout can be seen in low lighting. The rippler has knobs to easily adjust the dipper depth and the amplitude of the dipper stroke.

The new light source is a white LED that remains cool during operation and produces a bright, clear wave pattern. The light can be used as a strobe or in steady mode.