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This Pivot is used as a fulcrum in meter stick torque and as a rotation device for rotational inertia experiments.

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The Pivot is a general purpose rotation device that allows you to mount it on a rod stand to perform rotation experiments in the horizontal or vertical planes.

This Pivot can be used two ways:
1 As a fulcrum in a meter stick torque balance: It can be mounted so the shaft is horizontal for use with the Meter Stick Torque to do torque experiments or to do pendulum experiments.
2 As a rotation device for rotational inertia experiments: It can be clamped on a horizontal or vertical rod. It can also be mounted with the shaft vertical so it can be used as a rotational base for the Rotational Inertia Set (ME-3420).
The Pivot has a 1/4-inch diameter shaft out both sides which rotates on two ball bearings. To record data, use with a Smart Gate (or any standard photogate) and pulley.

Slotted shaft extends in two directions
Built-in rod clamp for mounting horizontally or vertically
3-step pulley for applying torque
Fits Rotary Motion Sensor accessories such as the Rotational Inertia Set (ME-3420)
Ability to mount at any height

Perform These Experiments
Meter Stick Torque
Rotational Inertia
Physical Pendulum
Centripetal Acceleration

What’s Included
1x Pivot
1x 3-step Pulley