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Physical pendulum/Bessel pendulum

The physical pendulum is used to study moments of inertia and the motion of rigid bodies. The centre of gravity, pivot point and moment of inertia can be varied in innumerable ways. For calculation, Steiner’s theorem is useful, as well as a number of formulae for moments of inertia of the pendulum’s different components.

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The Bessel pendulum is a reversible pendulum and is used to determine acceleration due to gravity.

The reversible pendulum can be inverted – there is a pivot point at each end.

The pendulum is adjusted so that the oscillation period is identical for both pivot points, despite their different distances from the centre of mass.

The apparatus consists of a knife bearing, a stainless steel bar with a series of laser-cut holes, two steel bobs and one aluminium one, along with nuts and bolts.

Comprehensive instructions are included, with a summary of the relevant theory.

Photocell, counter and stand hardware are not included. A clamp (001510) is recommended for attaching the pendulum.