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PASCObot Sense & Control Kit

PASCObot Sense & Control Kit

This complete kit comes with a PASCObot, accessories, and all the modules needed to engage your students in the world of programming through exciting explorations in sense & control. Includes ready-to-use activities.

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The PASCObot Sense & Control Kit helps harness students’ interest in robotics to drive deeper learning in science and STEM. This complete kit includes a PASCObot, //control.Node, and accessories, as well as digital activities to support students’ coding journey.

Sense and Control with PASCObot
Simple to build and easy to program, the PASCObot consists of just six pieces, including a PASCObot Body, two Wheels, two Stepper Motors, and a rechargeable //control.Node that enables students to execute their code in real time, or store it onboard for execution later.

With PASCObot, students can go beyond basic robotics applications, combining PASCO’s real-time data collection, graphing, and analysis system with an intuitive coding interface that scales to their skill level. From programming the bot’s first movements to navigating obstacle courses to head-to-head competitions – there’s no limit to what students can do with PASCObot!

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