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Olympiad box 2

Laser distance meter – the fastest stopwatch in school.

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A plastic cuvette is reused from Olympiad box 1 as well as, for the official tasks on the internet, the black plastic optics box. Olympiad box 2 adds the following:
• Laser distance meter
• Optical fibres
• Felt pad for screening
• Scissors
• Instructions for the exercises

And for use in the official exercises:
• Angle iron
• Neodymium magnet
• Adhesive pads

The original exercises can be downloaded from the internet – but they are very demanding for students (especially in terms of mathematics).

We have therefore prepared lab manuals in a version suitable for less exceptional students.

The experiments included cover
• The speed of light in an optical fibre
• The speed of light in water

Olympiad box 2 is suitable for physics at upper secondary level.