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Multichannel analyser

A multichannel analyser (MCA) sorts incoming pulses from an energy-sensitive detector into a large number of channels according to size.

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When the counts in the channels are plotted as a function of the channel number, the result is an energy spectrum.

The Frederiksen MCA features 1024 channels, variable analogue and digital gain, a variable integration time and built-in logic to reject “pile up” (a pulse starting on top of the previous one).

The Frederiksen MCA and accompanying software have been specially developed to work with the 518500 Scintillation detector, but an ”AUX” input can be used with the anode signal from a traditional photomultiplier tube.

The MCA does not use an external power supply, but has an external USB connection.

New, user-friendly software is included.

When the MCA is connected to a computer, and the program is running, data acquisition can be initiated at the press of a button.

All the settings from the previous run are remembered but can, of course, be amended for other applications.

Default settings for CsI(Tl) and NaI(Tl) scintillation detectors can be retrieved at the press of a button.

In the spectrum, one or more energy ranges can be defined where the counts can be summed, or the data can be fitted to a Gaussian function.

Decay of the counts into a Gaussian peak (or simply into a channel range) can be fitted to an exponential decay function.

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Here you can download an introductory lab manual with a step-by-step guide to the equipment.

Learn to set up the software, to record the spectrum from a Cs-137 source, and to interpret the details of the spectrum.