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Mounting bench, Risø sources

Complete mounting bench for Risø sources*) and GM tubes, which provides a stable platform for experiments with radioactivity.

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The mounting bench is suitable for investigating the range of different types of radiation in air and the absorption of radioactive emissions in lead and aluminium.

The source holder can be rotated and is provided with a graduated scale of +/- 110 degrees at a resolution of 1 degree.

Comprises a 40 cm long bench with mm scale, GM tube holder and Risø source holder. The source holder has a Ø 6 mm metal rod for suspending absorber plates.

An absorber set is included, comprising:
Lead plates: 5 x 2 mm and 10 x 1 mm (painted to avoid contamination).
Aluminium plates: 2 x 3 mm, 6 x 2 mm and 4 x 0.5 mm.

*) Source is not included. Alternative versions are available, please see 514110 (for 12 mm cylindrical sources) and 514120 (for 25 mm disc sources).