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Microphone probe

The microphone probe is used for measuring sound pressure – especially in difficult accessible places.

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The microphone capsule is placed at the end of a Ø 8 x 950 mm carbon fibre tube. The microphone is almost punctiform and transforms pressure variations into voltage variations. Due to its sensitivity, the microphone is well suited for experiments with our resonance tube 248010.

Microphone cable is not included – use the following types:
• Connection to Frederiksen’s new battery box 251580 is done with the cable included with the battery box. (The cable itself has item No. 197571.)
• Connection to Frederiksen’s older battery box 251560 is done with cable 248602 (DIN-5 to modular plug) or with No. 248601 (DIN-6 to modular plug) – these cable are purchased separately
• With cable 248602 the microphone also connects directly to Pasco interfaces 850 or 550 (analog input).