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Materials Testing System

Integrated system for tensile testing, measures both force and position. Includes coupons, AirLink interface and Capstone software.

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The PASCO Materials Testing System includes everything needed to do tensile testing straight out of the box. The Materials Testing Machine connects to a computer’s USB port using the included PASCO Airlink interface. Six sets of different tensile sample materials (each with 10 samples) are included.

The system is completed by PASCO’s Capstone Software, which has a built-in calibration wizard and all the tools to record and display stress vs. strain, and to apply linear fits to find Young’s Modulus. Also records and plays back webcam movies of the breaking samples, synced to the data.

The software uses automatic variable oversampling, which means when the sampling rate is high, no smoothing is applied, but as the sampling rate is decreased, the program automatically samples at the higher rate and averages the samples.

The Materials Testing Machine measures force with a 7100 N load cell and displacement using an optical encoder.