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Magnetic Demonstration System

The Magnetic Demonstration System consists of PASCO’s Variable Gap Lab Magnet and Magnetic Force Accessory.

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This all-in-one demonstration system includes the Variable Gap Magnet (EM-8618) and the Magnetic Force Accessory (EM-8642A).

Demonstrate Magnetic Damping

Swing the solid aluminum paddle through the gap and it stops dead, the motion damped due to eddy currents. Now try the slotted paddles. One swings freely, while the other is immediately damped.

Demonstrate Diamagnetism and Paramagnetism

The diamagnetic glass rod (Figure a) aligns transverse to the field; the paramagnetic aluminum rod (Figure b) aligns with the field.

Demonstrate Force on a Current-Carrying Wire

Pass a current through the wire swing (power supply not included) to investigate the right-hand rule for magnetic forces.