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Impulse Experiment

The complete solution for experimentally measuring impulse on a cart in two ways.

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In this experiment, the impulse on a cart is determined in two ways: by measuring the change in velocity and by finding the area under a Force vs. Time curve.

A Smart Cart runs down a slightly inclined track with its Force Sensor equipped with either a clay bumper, spring bumper, or magnetic bumper. The cart collides with the endstop. To determine the change in momentum (impulse), the velocities before and after the collision are recorded using the Smart Cart’s encoder. To confirm the impulse, the force vs. time is plotted and the impulse is determined by finding the area under the curve.

PASCO Advantage: Since the PASCO Smart Cart is capable of measuring both force and velocity, it eliminates the need for any external sensor. No interface is required. No wires interfere with the motion because the Smart Cart transmits the data over Bluetooth 4.0.