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Gamma Sources (set of 8)

Set of eight gamma sources.

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The following set of eight gamma sources are mounted in 2.5 cm diameter sealed plastic disks and require no licensing. Shown below are the isotopes, activity, half-life and types of radiation (beta-ß, gamma-γ).

The sources are USNRC License Exempt (US only).  Outside the US, consult local laws and regulations.  

  • Co-60, 1 µCi, 5.27 years, beta and gamma
  • Na-22, 1 µCi, 2.60 years, beta+ and gamma
  • Mn-54, 1 µCi, 313 days, gamma
  • Cs-137, 0.25 µCi, 30.2 years, beta and gamma
  • Ba-133, 1 µCi, 10.5 years, gamma
  • Cd-109, 1 µCi, 464 days, gamma
  • Co-57, 1 µCi, 270 days, gamma
  • “UNKNOWN” — mixture of Cs-137 and Zn-65 for student testing