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g by Freefall

g by free fall impact plate and release unit.

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Use the g by free fall in conjunction with an accurate millisecond timer to calculate acceleration due to gravity. The timer starts when the ball bearing is released from the release unit, the base has an integral vibration sensor which stops the clock as the ball bearing hits the impact plate. Replace the ball bearing, reset the timer and the unit is ready to go again.
When used with Lascells timers or other models with de-bounced inputs no additional power is required. If the timer used is found to have “bouncy” inputs then a 4 second delay can be added to the impact plate outputs by powering the unit with 9V DC.

Supplied with:
•Full instructions
•Base, release unit, 12mm ball bearing, 8mm ball bearing

g by free fall Features:
•Easy setup with integral vibration sensor
•No power required for millisecond timers with de-bounced inputs
•Two ball bearings allowing comparison of different masses
•Over-moulded rubber landing plate.
•Integrated de-bounce circuitry to add 4s delay to outputs. (9V DC required)