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This instrument measures very small current and charge, and enables a range of fascinating experiments to be performed.

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It is sensitive enough that a small metal ball as an antenna can register the waving of a piece of charged PVC tube at the other end of the classroom.

But it is still quite robust; tolerates 2000 times overload of the current range and 140 times of the charge range.

For static electricity, it is the charge measurement capability that is of particular interest.

Electrostatic induction is convincingly, and quantitatively, demonstrated, and the capacitance of, for instance, a plate capacitor is easy to determine when its charge can be directly measured.

The apparatus has an analogue output for connecting demonstration instruments, a digital multimeter or data acquisition equipment. Powered by a 9 V battery (supplied). Battery life: approx. 25 hours.

Full scale ranges: ±5, ±50, ±500 pA. ±5, ±50, ±500 nC.