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Dual Colour Laser

The Lascells semiconductor laser contains two independently controlled laser diodes, one at the standard 650nm red and a second at 532nm green. Both lasers may be simultaneously passed through a double slit slide and both diffraction patterns may be displayed one above the other for an immediate comparison.

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The unit is equipped with internal 1 MHz modulation which when used in conjunction with the laser receiver and an oscilloscope allows the speed of light to be determined in the laboratory. In addition, the facility to modulate the laser from an external source is provided allowing audio to be sent to the receiver from a smartphone or mp3 player.

The apparatus is switched using a removable key which prevents unauthorised use and is supplied with a 9V power supply and full instructions.

Dimensions: L x W x H: 150 x 110 x 65
Weight: 390g
Input Voltage: External 9V D.C. +ve pin (Included)
Laser Wavelength:
Red: 655 +/- 5nm
Green 532 +/- 5nm
Output Power: <1mW max
Modulation: 1Mhz internal, audio frequencies external.

Product code: LA20-880