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Diffraction Optics Kit

Includes two slit wheels allowing students to examine various diffraction patterns as well as a Red Diode Laser.

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Add this kit to the Basic Optics System to allow the investigation of a wide variety of diffraction slit patterns. The slits are constructed using vacuum-deposited chromium on glass. The following patterns are included:

  • Single Slit (four variations)
  • Variable Width Single Slit
  • Double Slit (four variations)
  • Multiple Slit (3,4,5)
  • Single Slit/Double Slit Comparison
  • Variable Spacing Double Slit

Easy Laser Alignment.

The laser beam can be aimed through the slits using two thumb screws. Once the beam is aligned, either the laser or the slits can be removed from the optics bench and returned to the bench without re-aligning the beam.

Change Slits in the Dark Without Re-aligning Everything.

The slit wheels eliminate the frustration of trying to change the slits in a darkened room. Simply rotate to the next positive click to lock a different slit into position. The alignment of the disk only has to be done once. After that, all the slits on that wheel will be aligned.