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DC Programmable Power Supply

Programmable Power Supply functions as simple constant-voltage source and able to output periodic functions and with custom programs.

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Provides a current of 1 A at 18 V, with a resolution of 0.01 V and typical ripple of 10 mV. This DC power supply has added features to cycle the voltage on and off, to ramp the voltage up or down between the maximum and minimum set, and to change the voltage in steps. A positive offset can be introduced so the ramp can start at a voltage other than zero. Minimum period is 0.1 sec (10 Hz) and the maximum period is 999 seconds.

The digital display has four digits (0.76 cm high) and can display voltage, current, or time. The time is displayed to set the period, duration, or duty cycle.

There are both coarse and fine adjustment knobs. As a safety factor, a maximum current and a maximum voltage can be set to protect your students’ external circuits. The output is voltage-regulated but not current regulated.

The power supply is connected to AC power using a universal power adapter.