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Coil holder, three-phase

Part of the 3-phase generator model.

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Item No. 473500 is only the mount for coils and laminated cores – for a complete setup, see 476050.

Consists of a triangular, acrylic plate with support pin for I-cores with coils and a centre hole with a thumb screw for a Ø 10 mm post.

Equipped with safety sockets (accomodates standard 4 mm banana plugs as well).

Filts the laminated iron core 463010 and the coils 463010, 463020 (used in 476000), 462522, 462525, 462530 and 462540.

Please note that the three black safety sockets are connected to each other.

If an oscilloscope is used, you only need to connect one of these to oscilloscope ground.

For data logging, we recommend connecting each coil with two cables per voltage sensor.

Side length of acrylic plate: 200 mm.
Height: 80 mm.
Weight: 270 g