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Ballistic Pendulum Kit

This easily-assembled ballistic pendulum consists of a Mini Launcher and Mini Ballistic Pendulum Accessory mounted on a Rotary Motion Sensor. The complete motion of the swing of the pendulum can be graphed.

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Perform the conventional ballistic pendulum experiment in which the muzzle velocity of the ball is determined using the maximum height to which the pendulum swings.

Examine the difference between a completely inelastic collision (the ball is caught in the pendulum) to a partially inelastic collision (the ball bounces off the back side of the pendulum).

Verify that the angular momentum of the ball (as measured about the pivot point) is equal to the angular momentum of the ball and pendulum immediately after the ball is caught.

Perform These Experiments
Inelastic Collisions
Ballistic Pendulum
Conservation of Angular Momentum and Energy in a Ballistic Pendulum
Projectile Motion
Projectile Range vs. Launch Angle
Conservation of Energy of a Projectile Launched Straight Up
Conservation of Momentum in Two Dimensions
Path of a Projectile

What’s Included
1x Mini Launcher (ME-6825B)
1x Mini Ballistic Pendulum Accessory (ME-6829)
1x Wireless Rotary Motion Sensor (PS-3220)
1x Wireless Smart Gate (PS-3225)
1x Photogate Mounting Bracket (ME-6821A)
1x Stainless Steel Rod, 60 cm Threaded (ME-8977)
1x Aluminum Table Clamp (ME-8995)
1x Rod Clamp for Rotary Motion Sensor (ME-8945)