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Amusement Park Physics Kit (15 Pack)

Students become the dynamics carts at an amusement park and gain a real “gut-level” appreciation for Newton’s Laws with Vertical and Horizontal Accelerometers.

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They might lose their notes. They might even lose their nerve. But in one day at an amusement park, students will also gain a real “gut-level” appreciation for Newton’s Laws. Using this kit, students don’t observe a dynamics cart. They are the dynamics cart. This is the only kit that is:

  • Approved by the safety officers of major amusement parks across the USA.
  • Student-tested in amusement parks by hundreds of schools.
  • Teacher-tested in hundreds of Amusement Park Physics Workshops.
  • Made with a metal coil spring for the Vertical Accelerometer (far more accurate than the commonly used rubber band).