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AC/DC Expansion Kit

AC/DC Expansion Kit with AC/DC Module

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This kit includes the AC/DC Module (EM-3533) and the Modular Circuits Advanced Expansion Kit (EM-3556). This expansion pack supplies additional modules for constructing more complex and advanced circuits. The modules in the Modular Circuits Advanced Expansion Kit are intended to be used with (and as an addition to) the circuit modules found in either the Basic or Essential Physics Modular Circuits Kits (EM-3535 and EM-3536). This kit includes a storage case with custom foam insert.

The kit includes the wireless AC/DC Module to power the circuits. Also included are:

  • Speaker Module
  • DC Buzzer Module
  • Diode Module
  • Solar Cell Module
  • MOSFET Transistor Module
  • Bipolar Junction Transistor Module
  • Two-Terminal Module
  • Jumper Clips