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USB Digital Video Flex

Directly connects to a computer for fast response, perfect for anything you want to display in your classroom.

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The high-definition 3.2 Megapixel Digital Video Flex connects directly to a PC or laptop via a fast USB 2.0 connection. The flexible gooseneck and the ball-and-socket head allow the camera to adapt easily to microscopes or to focus on scientific experiments, graphic materials, moving objects, or presenters. A custom CMOS chip and Quick Focus™ 8 mm glass lens enable this Digital Video Flex to capture superior quality images, showing details that would otherwise be missed. The ken-a-vision Applied Vision software (supplied) allows easy display and editing of pictures and videos. The lens can be focused from 6 mm to infinity, allowing magnification up to 50x for macro- and micro-photography.

Sorry – this product has been discontinued