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The Mystery of Lyle and Louise: Bullet Striations

Compare Bite Marks to Identifiy the Culprit More than one gun? Your students must examine a bullet that was found at the scene of the crime to discover more details about the events surrounding the murder!

• Grade Level 10-College • Links to a real world scenario

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Outside the cabin crime scene, there is evidence of a struggle. A bullet was found lodged in the mud. At a separate crime scene, investigators have found an unloaded gun that was presumed to have been left behind by two of the suspects. Students need to compare bullet striations to see if the bullet found outside the cabin was fired by the gun found by the police. In order to recreate the scene of the struggle, they will also participate in a lab to decide the angle from which the gun was fired.

To do this, students will compare the markings left on bullets to see if the striations will match up.
Supplies are included for up to 30 students working in six groups. As in all Lyle and Louise modules, this kit is geared to high school and undergraduate courses, and is matched to National Science Education Standards.

Ordering information: 12 fired bullets (2 bullets per group), 6 photos per group of microscopic bullet striations from the evidence bullets, 6 magnifiers, Lab questions and data sheets, Web access to fully illustrated teacher’s manual with technique background.