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The Mystery of Lyle and Louise: Bite Marks

Compare Bite Marks to Identifiy the Culprit During the car crash investigation, John Wayne Gretsky presented a bite mark on his arm as an alibi, claiming he was bitten in a bar fight. Your students must determine if he was bitten by a bar patron, or maybe by a victim of the car crash!

• Grade Level 10-College • Links to a real world scenario

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After learning about forensic odontology, students will take casts of their own teeth in wax and identify their teeth. They will then develop their own personal set of objective criteria for bite marks analysis. With these criteria, they will attempt to determine if the bite mark in a photo of John Wayne’s arm could have been made by any of the wax casts they have to compare, including a cast from the car crash victim.

Supplies are included for up to 30 students working in six groups. As in all Lyle and Louise modules, this kit is geared to high school and undergraduate courses, and is matched to National Science Education Standards.

Ordering information: Activity contents include Wax for student impressions (60 sheets), Car Crash Victim wax impressions (6), Actual Biter wax impressions (6), Wax labels, Protractors (6), Web access to fully illustrated teacher’s manual with technique background.