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PASPORT Hand-Grip Heart Rate Sensor

This sensor provides an easy method for measuring resting and exercise heart rates, without the restrictions of belts or clips. For use with PASPORT Interfaces.

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The PASPORT Hand-Grip Heart Rate Sensor provides a quick and easy method for students to measure their resting and exercise heart rates. The design allows students to measure heart rate without the restriction of inconvenient belts and clips. The extra long cords enable students to move freely as they increase their physical activity to determine their exercise heart rates.

To measure heart rate at rest or during exercise, simply grip the handles and the sensor will measure the number of times the cardiac muscle contracts per minute. Middle school life science students can use the PASPORT Hand Grip Heart Rate Sensor to compare resting and exercise heart rate. High school and university biology and physiology students can measure and compare resting, exercise, and recovery heart rates to determine physical fitness levels.