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A.C. Generator

This apparatus is designed to enable students to investigate the properties of an a.c. generator as used in a bicycle dynamo. A permanent magnet rotates inside a coil of wire. As the field through the coil changes a current is induced in the coil and this is brought out to two 4mm sockets.

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The unit is transparent to show all the inner workings and is a convenient hand held device with a direct drive (no gearing) to the rotating magnet. The output can be displayed on a centre-zero moving coil voltmeter or oscilloscope. The output swings from + to – each revolution and is about 0.5V peak to peak. With the magnitude varying with speed. Because of the geometry of the mechanism the output is not a simple sine wave and if a PC oscilloscope (such as PICOSCOPE) is used to store the trace, the waveform can be studied in more detail.

Dimensions: L x W x H: 150 x 55 x 55
Weight: 120g

Product code: S100-920A