new sparkvue smallSPARKvue version 3.0 was just released on August 11th, 2017. This feature release includes significant upgrades to Graph and Scope displays, new in-context graph tools, and much more. Our software team is constantly taking feedback from educators and continually improving our software. Be sure to download the new update and see the changes for yourself

About this download

        • The most recent version is 3.0.0 for Mac and Windows released on 8/11/2017
        • This update is intended for users who have a licensed version of SPARKvue and who are using Mac or Windows computers
        • The update is free from any previous version of SPARKvue
        • Updating SPARKvue will not alter or delete any of your saved work

What's new in this version

        • Improved Graph, Scope, FFT and Bar Graph displays
        • Ability to directly connect Wireless Sensors to compatible Windows devices
        • New and improved Graph tool behaviors
        • Easier to change display measurements and units
        • New calibration option for wireless CO2 sensor
        • Firmware update for SmartCart fixing a time shift between Acceleration from Position sensor and measured Acceleration-x
        • New, larger readout for the Digits display
        • Resolved several known issues

See the full release notes for SPARKvue 3.0.0