The good news is, we have a simple resolution!

Make sure you have v 54.0.2840.101 of the Google Chrome OS or later.


What is the situation?

  • The latest release of the Google Chrome OS, version 54, breaks the USB Serial Communication used by the PS-3500 BLE Adaptor. 

What does this mean?

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices cannot connect to Chromebooks that have updated to version 54. All PASCO BLE wireless sensors are affected for wireless connection. 
  • Direct USB connection is not affected and works as expected.  PASCO wireless sensors with USB capability and USB interfaces (USB Link, Airlink, Airlink 2, SPARKlink, SPARKlink Air and 550) are unaffected. 



What should you do?

  • If your machines have not updated to V54, we suggest freezing the OS at V53 until Google fixes the OS.  See below for instructions on how to prevent updates.
  • If your machines are already updated you can connect your PASCO Wireless sensors that have a USB connection (for example AirLink, Force/Accel, Pressure, etc.) via the USB port until the issue is resolved. Non-USB enabled BLE sensors such as Temp, pH, Light, will not work.
  • If your machines are already updated and USB connection is not possible consider rolling the OS back to v53 to regain use of BLE devices. See below for rollback instructions.

Who is responsible for fixing this problem?

Google.  This problem is due to changes Google made which broke this part of the operating system.  PASCO, and all other companies, are dependent on Google to fix the issue. The issue is logged with Google and other developers have noted the same problem. Engineering is monitoring the situation with Google closely. Note the period for Google between releases is typically 2-4 weeks although there is no guarantee that the next release will address this issue. We will keep you updated as we learn more.


To work around the issue download this PDF.