MatchGraph! 2.0 is now released

Here is a summary of what’s new in MatchGraph! 2.0:

• Now supports Smart Cart

• New profiles for Smart Cart – tuned for Smart Cart and offers unique pedagogical opportunity

• Scale is optimized for Smart Cart tabletop and track usage.

• Profiles that go through x=0 teach about negative distance (distance vectors) from a reference 0.

• Android Support (on Google Play soon)

• Native BLE Support*

* Wireless Sensors and Windows 10

To use Wireless Sensors directly with Windows devices (without thePS-3500 USB Bluetooth Adapter) three conditions must be met:

  1. A device running Windows 10 Creators Edition 1703 or later (Check or update your Windows version)
  2. A device with Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher (Check your Bluetooth Version)
  3. MatchGraph! 2.0 or later must be installed (or reinstalled)afterWindows 10 is up-to-date with Creators edition